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Hypomania: All you need to know

Here’s extra concerning the psychological health situation of hypomania. (Source: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

Hypomania, although related to bipolar dysfunction, also can happen on its own. A type of psychological sickness, hypomania is characterised by a interval of ‘over-activeness’ which might affect the day-to-day functioning of an individual affected by despair, in accordance to established research. “Hypomania is characterised by elevated mood in addition to behaviour change including increased energy, increased confidence, increased activity, impulsivity, irritability, disinhibition, and a reduced need for sleep,” as per American Psychological Association (APA, 1994 and World Health Organization (2010).

Less extreme than mania, which might last for every week and will trigger impairment in a person, hypomania is said to be “common” in these experiencing type-2 bipolar dysfunction which is commonly triggered by much less and disturbed sleep, drug abuse and excessive ranges of stress.

While the burst of power is typically related to ‘increasing creativity and productive energy’, it is among the most worrisome suspicion of bipolar dysfunction, as per numerous research.

Matters of the thoughts: Response, resilience and restoration — the three-dimensional technique for psychological health

Signs and signs

As per National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) 2018-study, Hypomania Symptoms Across Psychiatric Disorders, “hypomanic episodes last for a distinct period of four or more days, with elevated, expansive or irritable mood, among other symptoms that are observable by others but of insufficient severity or compromise of functionality to meet criteria for full-fledged mania episodes. While mania is more distinctive and easier to identify than hypomania, manic episodes are significantly less frequent than hypomania, and occur only in a specific subtype of Bipolar Spectrum Disorders (BSD). Thus, accurately identifying a current or prior episode of hypomania is decisive for the differential diagnosis of BSD.”

Dr Prashant Das, MBBS, MD Medicine, MBA, chief medical director, DocOnline tells indianexpress.com concerning the situation.

“A hypomanic does not feel like taking rest, is highly energetic all the time, and classically, there is a decreased need for sleep. Other associated characteristics may include:
*Increased confidence
*Racing thoughts/Ideas
*More talkative/jokes around
*Engaged in multi-tasking
*Easy distractibility
*Impulsive risky behavior such as unwanted shopping spree, foolish business investments, or engaging in inappropriate sexual activities.”

“Usually, the increased functional capacity and other characteristics are only seen during hypomanic episodes in an otherwise normal person. It does not cause issues with work or socialising. But, if these issues are not related to substance abuse or medications, then you may need to talk to a doctor for suspicion of BSD. Bipolar disorder can not be left untreated as it may lead to serious problems,” asserted Dr Das.

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As per Psychiatric Issues in Neurologic Practice guide by Barry S Fogel, Melissa Frumin, in Office Practice of Neurology (second version), 2003, sufferers with hypomania, or with a historical past of hypomania and despair, need ‘mood-stabilising medication’. ‘The first mood-stabilising medication of proven benefit was lithium, which remains the treatment of choice for bipolar disorder with prolonged manic and depressive episodes. It was subsequently discovered that carbamazepine and valproate were effective for bipolar disorder and might be superior to lithium for patients with mixed manic and depressive symptoms or with rapid alternation between hypomania and depression. The efficacy of antiepileptic drugs for mood disorders is not predicted by any electroencephalographic finding,’ as per the guide.

As per Harvard Health, for gentle or reasonable episodes, it might be doable for an individual to cope with hypomania by adopting fundamental wholesome lifestyle habits. That means consuming common meals, doing bodily exercise every single day to burn away additional power, and making an attempt to get not less than seven or eight hours of sleep per night time. It additionally states that it might assist to study to recognise frequent triggers of hypomania, reminiscent of sleep deprivation or an excessive amount of caffeine.

hypomania, hypomania symptoms, indianexpress.com, indianexpress, treatment for hypomania, sushant singh rajput, bipolar disorder, depression, mania, Here’s how hypomania could be managed with lifestyle checks. (Source: Dr Prashant Das)

“Keep a check on mood swings, make a note in diary, talk to your psychiatrist regularly via teleconsultation, take your medicines regularly, don’t stop the treatment on your own, and ask for help, whenever needed,” said Dr Das.

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